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Washing Machine Motor Carbon Brushes

Part Number: 154740

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Genuine Bosch Washing Machine Motor Carbon Brushes

Part No Cross Reference

00154740 -154740 – CAR093 – CAR93 – 481236248434 – 154740 – 1650978 – 1689995


WFC2060GB/01 WFC2060GB/05 WFC2465GB/01 WFD2060GB/01
WFD2060GB/60 WFD2061GB/01 WFD2070GB/01 WFD2460GB/01
WFE2020GB/01 WFE2020GB/11 WFE2020GB/12 WFE2021GB/01
WFF1200GB/14 WFF1201GB/01 WFF120LGB/01 WFF1600IL/09
WFF2001GB/01 WFF200LGB/01 WFG2020GB/01 WFG2220GB/01
WFG2420GB/01 WFG242LGB/01 WFK2200GB/01 WFK2200GB/11
WFK2200GB/12 WFK2280GB/01 WFK2800GB/01 WFK2800GB/11
WFK2800GB/12 WFK2801GB/01 WFL100GB/12 WFL120GB/12
WFL2000GB/01 WFL2060GB/04 WFL2060GB/12 WFL2062GB/12
WFL2260GB/01 WFL2260UK/04 WFL226LGB/01 WFL226LGB/04
WFL2450GB/01 WFL2450GB/04 WFL2450UK/12 WFL245SGB/04
WFL2462GB/12 WFL246KGB/04 WFL2860GB/01 WFO2064GB/01
WFO2260GB/01 WFO2264GB/01 WFO2460GB/01 WFO2464GB/01
WFO2860GB/01 WFO2864GB/01 WFR2460GB/01 WFR2466GB/01
WFR2860GB/01 WFR2866GB/01 WOK2001GB/02 WOK2001GB/04
WOK2001GB/05 WOK2001GB/07 WOL2200GB/01 WOL2200GB/08
WOP2400GB/01 WXB1060GB/01 WXB1060GB/02 WXM110GB/01
WFO2060AU WFL2462GB12 WAP24160AU02 WFO2060
WAE16160ZA01 WAE18060AU04 WFL1880AU01 WFL2260
WAE20260AU01 WAE20260AU09 WAE18060AU01 WAE20261AU
WFO2060AU01 WFL1660 WAE20262AU01 WAE18061AU01
WFL1880AU30 WFL2000AU28 WAS24460AU06 WFL1880AU27
WFL1880AU29 WAE22462AU29 WFL2400AU28 WAE18061AU21
WFO2460AU21 WFO2460AU14 WAE24270AU01 WFL1800AU30
WAE24272AU01 WFL1660AU04 WAE26470AU13 WFL2400AU20
WAE22260AU01 WAS24460AU01 WAE2246AU01 WAE22460AU09
WAE20260AU06 WFO2460AU13 WFO2460AU18 WFL1600AU01
WAE18060AU09 WAE18060AU11 WAE18060AU05 WAE26470AU01
WAE20262AU29 WAE22260AU06 WAE22460AU01 WAE22460AU11
WAE24271AU01 WFL1880AU20 WAE26470AU09 WAE22462AU01
WAE22462AU24 WAE24270AU06 WAE24270AU09 WAE24270AU11
WAE24272AU29 WAE24460AU01 WAE24460AU09 WAE26470AU11
WAE24460AU14 WFL2000AU27 WFO2050AU01 WAS24460AU02
WAS24460AU03 WAS24460AU04 WAS24460AU05 WAS24460AU07
WAP24261AU01 WAP24261AU02 WAE24463AU25 WAE24463AU27
WAE22464AU01 WAE22464AU25 WAE22464AU26 WAE22464AU27
WFO2060AU13 WFO2460AU01 WFO2460AU16 WVH28440AU01
WVH28440AU02 WVH28440AU03 WVH28440AU04 WVH28440AU05
WVH28440AU06 WVH28441AU01 WFL1600AU09 WFL2000AU04
WFL2060AU01 WFL2480AU01 WFL2480AU04 WFR2830AU01
WFR2830AU04 WFR2830AU05 WFR2830AU11 WFR2830AU13
WFL206KAU04 WAE20060AU01 WAE20060AU05 WAE20060AU09
WAE20060AU11 WAE22461AU01 WAE22463AU01 WAE22463AU24
WAE24461AU01 WAE24462AU01 WAE24462AU24 WAE24462AU29
WFK2400AU01 WFK2400AU12 WFL1660AU27 WFL1660AU28
WFL1660AU29 WFL1660AU30 WFL1800AU04 WFL1800AU21
WFL1800AU27 WFL1800AU28 WFL1800AU29 WFL1880AU28
WFL2080AU04 WFL2080AU27 WFL2080AU28 WFL2400AU30
WAE24460AU13 WFL2400AU27 WFL2080AU30 WFO2050AU08
WFO2060AU14 WFO2060AU16 WFO2060AU18 WFO2060AU21
WFO2430AU01 WFO2430AU08 WFX2830AU01 WFX2830AU10
WFX2830AU11 WFX2830AU15 WFX2830AU20 WFX2830AU24
WHT0800AU04 WHT0800AU27 WHT0800AU28 WHT0800AU29
WHT0800AU30 WHT1200AU27 WHT1200AU28 WHT1200AU30
WM12S360AU02 WM12S360AU03 WM12S360AU04 WXL147AUK19
WXL148AUK19 WXL167AUK16 WXLM148AUK19 WAE28464GB03
WAE28464GB05 WM12S360AU01 WVD2452SGB05 WOF200001
WOF200002 WOF200005 WFD246001 WAE24460AU11
WF02050AU/01 WAE20260AU11 WFL2000AU30 WFF2000
WFL2400AU/30 WFL2400AU WFE2020 WFE2021
WF1201 WFF1400 WFF1800 WFF2001
WFL1262 WFL1600 WFL1660 WFL1800
WFL2400 WOK2001 WFO2460AU/13 WFO2460AU/18
WAS32741AU/18 WFO2060 BSH154740 154740
WFF1200 WFL2000 WFK2200 WFL2090
WFF2002 WAE20261AU01 WAE22460AU13 WAE20169ZA08

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