Fan Element Part No GLO81-02


Fan Element Part No GLO81-02

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Fan Element Part No GLO81-02

Fan Element Part No GLO81-02



77×2277, GN379201, 379201 EU013, 41.11.622.00, IM81-02, 6048R732, gn258967, 4111411 388420, 3100R857IRCA, 3100R857, 7865-1241, 20.35202.000, ASKO 288977, 5257R886IRCA


Will Suit Models:

TECHNIKA: emic800x to60w to60b to60x to50w to50b to50x-series 1 to70w to70x series1 to70w series1 to70w series2 to70x series3 to700a to700a1 to700x to700x1 to700x2 to701x to701x1 to701x2 to701a gn258967 fec500x fec500w fec605x fec605w fes605w to200w to200x to300w to300x to400a to400w to400x to500a to500x to600a to600x fes500w to201x to201w to601x to401x, BLANCO: BODE26X1 BOSE166 BOSE166B BOSE166B1 BOSE166B2 BODE26X2 BOSE166W BOSE166X2 BOSE168X BOSE69PX1. KLEENMAID; TO400X TO50B TO50X TO50W TO60B TO60X TO60W. ASKO: OP8620, 106OP86501, 106OP865011, 106OP865012, 106OP865013, 106OP86201, 106OP862011, 106OP862012, 106OP862013, 106OP86401, 106OP864012, 106OP864013, 106OP864011, Fagor: CCM002830, Baumatic: BA06003, BO69PMS, BAF91EG SPECIFICATIONS; 195mm DIA, OVERALL DEPTH 30mm, MOUNTING HOLES 56mm APART WITH STUDS

If you are not sure if this part is correct for your appliance model, please do not hesitate to contact us with your Model and we can help you to locate the correct appliance parts for you.

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